Donation Guidelines

Hormel Foods Corporation receives numerous proposals for donations to a variety of organizations and projects. To minimize the number of proposals submitted to Hormel Foods Corporation, the company restricts donations to organizations that emphasize education and hunger in and around Hormel Foods plant communities.

To request a donation, fill out the donation request form available on under the Contact Us tab. Only not-for-profit organizations that meet the company’s criteria with projects that are within an area of focus will be considered.

What does not qualify for a donation from Hormel Foods Corporation?

  • Organizations that are not classified as I.R.C. §501(c)(3) not-for-profit entities
  • Organizations outside the United States
  • Requests for individual/family support
  • Organizations falling outside our areas of focus
  • Non-religious organizations that have a written policy of discrimination against LGBT people.

Submission of a request does not guarantee approval. All donations are at the discretion of Hormel Foods Corporation.


The following areas are given priority consideration for donations.

Education – Hormel Foods actively supports education through:

  • The Hormel Foods Corporation Charitable Trust Education Matching Gifts Program, which matches employee and retiree donations to eligible education institutions; and
  • The Hormel Foods Corporation scholarship program, which is managed by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. This program distributes up to 18 four-year scholarships to children of full-time employees, deceased employees, and retirees every year.

Hunger – Our formal hunger relief strategy “On Our Way to Ending Hunger” involves:

  • product donations made throughout the year to food banks in or near our plant communities;
  • the Plant Community Donations Program, which provides grants that support hunger-relief organizations chosen by our plant locations in their local communities; and
  • Project SPAMMY®, which provides SPAMMY® a shelf-stable, fortified poultry product to children in Guatemala to help prevent malnutrition.

Plant Communities – Hormel Foods strives to be a good corporate citizen by contributing to the communities where our employees work and live. The company provides:

  • an annual discretionary budget for each plant location to be administered by the plant manager and used for community-related activities; and
  • select product donations to local organizations for fundraising purposes. Requests with a company connection will be given priority for “in-kind” product donations and will be considered on an individual basis.

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