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Nutrition & Wellness

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Our Approach to Nutrition and Wellness


Hormel Foods is committed to elevating the everyday experience, and we do that in part by helping consumers achieve their personal nutrition and wellness goals. We believe it is our responsibility to be more than just a food company; we advocate healthy living and provide consumers with the resources they need to make healthy decisions about the food they eat.


At Hormel Foods, we recognize that balance is an important part of simplifying the wellness journey, which includes more than just what you eat. Wellness includes a balanced diet, striving for balance between work and play, and restoring harmony among many of life’s competing demands. We strive to help consumers make good decisions to maintain balance in their lives by providing information, realistic meal options and tips that can be easily woven into their day-to-day lives. We know that a long-term commitment to wellness requires ongoing support, and we want to help by suggesting practical, simple steps that make a big difference. Visit our Recipes section to find easy ways to make nutritious meals. 

Realistic Solutions

Hormel Foods is an expert in convenient meal solutions. Our approach to nutrition and wellness is identical to the way we approach all of our efforts at Hormel Foods: led by the principles of Our Way, the values platform that guides our daily actions. The phrase “Wellness Our Way” demonstrates our long-term commitment and reflects our “one step at a time” approach to the effort. Healthy living does not have to be complicated; realistic solutions can be both convenient and healthy.

Nutritious Recipes and Tips

At Hormel Foods, we believe that a well-balanced meal doesn’t have to take all evening to prepare. Families can combine convenient, microwavable products and fresh ingredients to create delicious meals that are nutritious and save time and energy.

The Hormel Foods Test Kitchen has created a number of nutritious and flavorful meals to help make mealtime relaxing and fun. For recipe suggestions, please click below:

Nutritional Tracking

Hormel Foods employs the use of innovation management software for the purposes of product pipeline nutritional tracking and the prioritization of products.