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Business Divisions

With the echo of George A. Hormel’s mantra of innovation, we’ve never stopped trying to grow our business, creating new, relevant products and giving our customers what they need. Please take a moment to learn more about how our endeavors have expanded what Hormel Foods has to offer you and your family.

Today, Hormel Foods is organized into five business divisions: Grocery Products, Refrigerated Products, Jennie-O Turkey Store, Specialty Foods and International & Other. These five business segments provide consumers with a wide array of high-quality meal solutions that are both simple and nourishing.

Grocery Products

The center of the grocery store has never been more enticing and neither has your table. The Hormel Foods history of innovation shines through in convenient, delicious products that require no refrigeration. We’ve got what you’re looking for, whether you want a healthy main course your family will love or an unexpected topper to spice up an old favorite dish. Our grocery products represent some of America’s favorite and most trusted brands.

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Refrigerated Products

In today’s busy world, we know what families need: options that let them get dinner on the table quickly and easily without sacrificing quality or taste. That’s why we are constantly offering our consumers and foodservice clients high quality protein choices that are available in a variety of preparation stages — raw, marinated and pre-cooked meat products — so there’s always an option that works best for them. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time, our refrigerated foods always bring a little something extra to the table.

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Jennie-O Turkey Store

Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc., based in Willmar, MN, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corporation and is one of the largest turkey processors and marketers in the world. We are an industry-leading processor and marketer of traditional and value-added turkey products for retail, foodservice and deli markets.

The Jennie-O® brand combines the tradition and taste of the Jennie-O® brand with the fresh premium qualities of The Turkey Store® brand to create products that provide delicious, better-for-you options for everyday meals and gatherings. Jennie-O® products include fresh ground turkey, rotisserie deli turkey products, nacho platters, turkey bacon, turkey burgers and other turkey products to consumers and foodservice operators. We are proud to offer the highest quality turkey available.

Learn more about Jennie-O® products.

Specialty Foods

The Hormel Foods Specialty Foods division is headquartered in Austin, Minn. Our wide range of products bears all the Hormel Foods hallmarks that other food companies and consumers rely on: food expertise, quality and value. Featured items of the Specialty Foods division include single-serve restaurant packets, nutritional food products, supplements and contract manufacturing. Through CytoSport, Inc., Hormel Specialty Products and Century Foods International, Hormel Foods offers high-quality products to restaurants, health care facilities and retail customers.

Our products include the highest quality Omega-3 fish oils, stocks and broths, pasteurized processed cheeses and imitation blends, milk and whey proteins, dry milk powders, caseinates and isolates, meat ingredients, gelatin desserts, puddings, drinks, seasoning oils, sauces, and specialty fats. These products include brand names such as Building Blocks® and Great Beginnings®.

Our Specialty Foods division is considered a "one-stop shop" by food manufacturers large and small. Our flavor expertise includes all the major proteins: beef, chicken, pork, turkey and ham. Customers look to us to provide unique and to add quality, value and profitability to their businesses.

International & Other

Hormel Foods Corporation began exporting products to countries outside the United States as early as 1917.  In 1967, Hormel Foods International was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corporation. Hormel Foods International Corporation (HFIC) conducts business through joint ventures, licensees, subsidiaries and direct sales. Our business is divided geographically as follows: Americas, Asia-Pacific, China and Europe.

Hormel Global Markets 

  • Australia

    In 1995, Hormel Foods set up a joint venture with KR Darling Downs Bacon. In April 2002, Hormel Foods Australia was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of HFIC. Today, this operation is headquartered in Moorabbin and coordinates the sales, marketing and distribution of Hormel Foods products in Australia and New Zealand. Products sold in these markets include the SPAM® family of products, Stagg® chili, Kid's Kitchen® microwave meals,  Hormel® microwave meals, and the CytoSport range of Muscle Milk® products.

  • China

    Hormel Foods began operations in China in 1994 through Beijing Hormel Foods Co. Ltd. (BHFC), a joint venture with Beijing Capital Agricultural Group Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Hormel Foods Co. Ltd., a joint venture with Shanghai Shangshi Meat Products Co.  Both companies opened state-of-the-art plants in 1998 and 1997, respectively, for the manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of chilled processed meat products and convenience foods.  Through the years, Hormel Foods has built one of the leading retail and foodservice brands in the meat industry, and in November of 2014, closed the China acquisition of SKIPPY® peanut butter and added the leading brand of peanut butter to its portfolio of products. 

    Today, Hormel Foods in operates in China through a wholly owned subsidiary called Hormel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.  Incorporated in Jiaxing China, this company is now one of the leading suppliers of Western and Chinese style processed meats and peanut butter to retail and food service operators throughout China.  The Hormel® and SKIPPY® brands hold leading market shares in their categories; consumers and customers alike appreciate our 125-year heritage of innovative, safe and great tasting products.

  • Europe

    In 1997, Hormel Foods began a license agreement with Tulip International, a subsidiary of Danish Crown based in Denmark. The agreement allows for the manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of SPAM® chopped pork and ham and Stagg® chili in the United Kingdom and Europe. SPAM® chopped pork and ham and Stagg® chili each have the No. 1 market share in their respective categories in the United Kingdom.

  • Japan

    Okinawa Hormel Ltd. is the longest-standing joint venture of Hormel Foods and was established in 1969. Hormel Foods holds a minority position in the company. The agreement is for manufacturing, importing, sales, marketing and distribution of shelf-stable and refrigerated meat products for the retail and foodservice markets in Okinawa. Okinawa Hormel Ltd. produces items such as Hormel® Vienna sausage, Dinty Moore® beef stew, Mary Kitchen® corned beef hash, Hormel® all meat wieners, Hormel® hams and Hormel® bacon.

  • Panama

    A license agreement was signed in 1987 with Blue Ribbon Products, S.A.  which in 2011 under new ownership changed its name to Alimentos Carnicos de Panama. The agreement is for the distribution of a number of products including franks, deli meats, hams, turkey products, dry sausage and bacon.

  • Philippines

    The Purefoods-Hormel Company, located in Manila, Philippines, was created in 1999 when Hormel Foods International formed a joint venture with Pure Foods Corporation, owned by the Ayala Group. This is our largest joint venture outside the United States. In 2001, Pure Foods Corporation was purchased by San Miguel Corporation, the No. 1 food company in the Philippines. Purefoods Tender Juicy® hot dogs, by far the most popular brand of hot dog in the Philippines, are produced locally along with other refrigerated and shelf-stable products.  Additional shelf-stable items are imported from the United States. Due to the popularity of Purefoods-Hormel products, a new plant was constructed and opened in 2004.

  • South Korea

    In 1985, Hormel Foods established a license agreement with CJ Corporation for the manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of the SPAM® family of products in South Korea.  CJ CheilJedang Corporation continues to manufacture the SPAM® family of products today.

  • U.S. Exports

    The Hormel Foods International Corporation (HFIC) Office is located in Austin, Minn., at the world headquarters of Hormel Foods Corporation. The main international business functions managed there are logistical support, global marketing and executive management. 

    Our logistical support team oversees all aspects of exporting Hormel Foods products from the United States to more than 50 countries.

    The global marketing team is responsible for generating and executing strategic marketing initiatives for a wide range of branded food products and key segments of international food business. New product development and market-potential evaluation are two key areas of focus for this group.