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Brand Overview

Farmer John Classic Ham Steak

Founded in the heart of Southern California, Farmer John has been providing fresh, high-quality products at a great value ever since we opened our doors in 1931.

Today, you can find Farmer John® meats for almost any dish imaginable. We offer a wide variety of meat products including bacon, sausage, lunch meat, hot dogs, ham and pork.

No one understands the local flavors of Southern California better than Farmer John does.

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  • FarmerJohnLA 3 hr

    #CookingTip: Pairing meats with vegetables adds not only color to your plate, but also a helpful serving of fiber to your diet.

  • FarmerJohnLA 27 Aug

    All the good things rolled into one -- The Hot Dog Burrito! #Yum

  • FarmerJohnLA 26 Aug

    This French Onion Dog sure hits the spot!

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    We're cooking up some delicious FARMER JOHN® All Natural Bacon!

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    Tag us at West Coast spots where the #FreeFarmerJohn truck should go, enter to win FJ coupon

  • FarmerJohnLA 22 Aug

    #CookingTip: Taking the time to mix together your own spices will make for a tastier meal without the guilt of eating excess salt.

  • FarmerJohnLA 21 Aug

    Chili Dog Tacos are the perfect meal for indecisive eaters. They're packed with a lot of bold flavor.

  • FarmerJohnLA 21 Aug

    Cheese and pulled pork mixed together. Yum!

  • FarmerJohnLA 19 Aug

    We've got grilling on our minds this weekend. #FarmerJohnLA

  • FarmerJohnLA 18 Aug

    #GrillingTip: Lay food in neat rows, moving from left to right. This will help you keep track of which food got placed on the grill first.