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Brand Overview

The Muscle Milk® brand is dedicated to helping athletes recover and rebuild muscle, helping them prepare for the next challenge. 

Muscle Milk® ready-to-drink is a protein-enhanced functional beverage that helps promotes workout recovery, lean muscle growth and sustained energy. Muscle Milk® takes the guesswork out of high performance nutrition, delivering a unique blend of premium proteins, complex carbohydrates, functional fats, vitamins and minerals. CytoSport, the maker of Muscle Milk® products, is one of the largest sport nutrition companies in the United States and offers a complete line of protein-enhanced powders, shakes and bars. 

Since its release in 2000, Muscle Milk® product have remained the most popular and far-reaching of the CytoSport family of sports nutrition products, which also includes the Cytomax® and Monster Milk® brands. 

Muscle Milk® products were recognized as the 2008 Best Functional Beverage and Beverage of the Year by BevNet in 2009 and 2011, and 2012 Ready-to-Drink Beverage of the Year by Muscle Milk® was also named one of Forbes' CircleUp25 Most Innovative Brands in 2013.

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