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  • Hormel names James Snee as new president

    Star Tribune | October 21, 2015
    Hormel Foods Corp. said Wednesday that one of its top executives, James Snee, will be promoted to president and chief operating officer.
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  • Giving back: Hormel Foods, Smithfield, Tyson

    Meatingplace | October 20, 2015
    Hormel aids in flood relief Hormel Foods Corp. donated two semi-trailer loads of shelf-stable product to assist with flood relief efforts in South Carolina. The donation of one semi-trailer of Austin Market canned luncheon loaf and one semi-trailer load of Hormel Compleats microwave meals will go to Feeding America food banks in area to help feed those in need.
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  • Hormel Takes SPAM Out of the Can

    KAAL ABC News 6 | October 09, 2015
    If you've ever thought to yourself, "i love spam, but how do i eat it while on the go?"  Well, Hormel has your answer. The Austin-based company has just rolled out its new "SPAM Snacks” -- dried spam bites that come in a pouch.  They come in three flavors -- classic, teriyaki, and bacon.
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  • Jennie-O gains ground with ‘ground’

    West Central Tribune | October 06, 2015
    Folks in California pride themselves on being the trendsetters when it comes to the growing national interest in culinary choices that are both good for you and taste great. What the West Coast trendsetters might not know is that they are actually taking their lead from Willmar, located nearly smack dab in the middle of the country. It’s here that Jennie-O Turkey Store is producing not only the products, but also providing the marketing and development know-how that is helping turkey continue to grow as a consumer choice.
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  • Heard on the Street: Hormel announces yet another dividend

    Post Bulletin | September 29, 2015
    Hormel Foods Corp. announced a quarterly dividend of 25 cents, to be paid Nov. 16 to stockholders as of Oct. 19. It will be the 349th consecutive quarterly dividend paid by the company. Since becoming a public company in 1928, Hormel Foods Corp. has paid a regular quarterly dividend without interruption, it announced.
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  • Austin Hormel Plant Donates $10,000 to Charity

    KAAL ABC 6 News | September 28, 2015
    The Austin, Minnesota Plant of Hormel Foods Corporation has donated $10,000 to charity. $4,000 went to the Salvation Army on Army. Another $4,000 to the Meals on Wheels Program and the final $2,000 to the Women’s Leadership Initiative to help fund the weekend food backpack program.
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  • Hormel on the lookout for more acquisitions

    Star Tribune | September 23, 2015
    Despite making almost $2 billion in acquisitions in less than three years — including its two biggest deals ever — Hormel Foods Corp. remains on the lookout for takeover targets. But the competition for alluring brands and companies is getting tougher as packaged food companies look to buy into growth in an era of sagging revenue.
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  • Hormel's protein powerhouse: growth shaped through deals and new ideas

    Star Tribune | September 23, 2015
    Consumers are becoming more leery of processed foods, yet Spam is still plugging along. Hormel Foods Corp. is even introducing a dried, bite-size snack version of the 78-year-old paragon of processing. At the same time, Hormel is crossing a new meat frontier — organic and natural — with its recent $775 million purchase of Applegate Farms.
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  • Hormel’s new look(s)

    Food Business News | September 18, 2015
    Hormel Foods Corp. is diversifying. The corporation synonymous with such iconic brands as Spam, Dinty Moore and Cure 81 is now a competitor in such categories as peanut butter with its Skippy brand, performance products (Muscle Milk) and condiments (Wholly Guacamole). The diversification has extended the company’s reach in the marketplace and given it a platform from which to innovate.
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  • Hormel Foods donation helps fight hunger in Osceola

    Osceola Sentinel-Tribune | September 15, 2015
    Osceola Foods, the local manufacturing plant owned by Hormel Foods Corporation recentlydonated $3,000 to the Food Bank of Iowa for the local elementary school backpack program, and $7,000 to Clarke County Food Pantry to help those in need.
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