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  • 350 attend Chamber's conference on diversity in contracting

    Post Bulletin | July 15, 2015
    Achieving more diversity by contracting with more businesses owned by minorities, women and veterans is something large organizations like Hormel Foods and Mayo Clinic are working towards.
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  • Hormel Foods Makes Good on Solid Waste Reduction Goals…Again

    TriplePundit | June 29, 2015
    Corporate leadership in environmental sustainability begins with appointing the right person or teams to set the strategic direction for a company. Demonstrably, Hormel Foods has exceeded its annual environmental impact goals for reducing the amount of solid waste it produces and sends to landfills — working fluidly across its various plants to design achievable and measurable goals in pursuit of greater efficiency and success.
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  • Hormel Cuts Coal Emissions in China Plant

    TriplePundit | June 23, 2015
    The Chinese capitol of Beijing suffers from severe air pollution. It’s plagued by the emissions of 5 million cars, as well as coal emissions and dust storms from the north ... Sustainability was the leading driver that prompted the Hormel Foods Beijing plant to replace its coal boiler with a cleaner natural gas-fired boiler, with a goal of cutting emissions by 45 percent.
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  • Hormel Foods announces new appointments

    West Central Tribune | June 19, 2015
    Two Hormel Foods officials have been named to new leadership roles with Applegate Farms LLC pending the official closing of the acquisition of the natural and organic meat processor, according to a Hormel Foods Corporation announcement made Wednesday.
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  • Hormel names Dan’s Prize president

    Meat & Poultry | June 18, 2015
    Hormel Foods Corporation promoted Jeffrey Tobak to president of Dan's Prize Inc. from foodservice area manager at the company’s Chicago sales office. He succeeds Mark Morey who recently was named president of Farmer John in Vernon, Calif.
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  • Recycling obstacles remain, despite achievements

    New Hampshire Business Review | June 12, 2015
    When it comes to recycling, the nation has had several accomplishments in recent years, but adding to those achievements may be more challenging ... Miller cited deli meat producer Hormel, which announced last year that it cut 4.72 million pounds of plastic packaging with 37 packaging reduction projects. “This is zero waste at its best because it’s simply making less with less,” said Miller. With just one product, Hormel shrunk its packaging by 1.5 ounces, eliminating 800,000 pounds from a shipment of deli meats, fitting more packages in a truck, and resulting in cost savings and less environmental impact.
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  • Workers begin cooking up Spam in Hormel's expanded Iowa plant

    Post Bulletin | June 12, 2015
    Workers in Dubuque have begun cooking up Spam — a pork product loved by many and mocked by others — after the completion of a $36 million expansion of a Hormel Foods plant. Production of the canned meat began Monday, and officials toured the plant Thursday.
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  • Healthy Benefits Help High-Pressure Food Processing Gain Ground

    Food Online | June 11, 2015
    Recently, Hormel Foods launched a marketing campaign to promote the healthy benefits of its Natural Choice lunchmeats. The Hormel packaging highlights that the meats contain no preservatives, no added nitrates or nitrites and no artificial colors or flavors. But the real secret here is high-pressure processing (HPP).
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  • ‘Applegate will remain Applegate,’ says CEO Kerry Collins

    NewHope 360 | June 10, 2015
    Last month Hormel Foods Corp acquired Applegate, makers of natural and organic deli meats, burgers, cheeses, chicken and hot dogs (a.k.a. “the cleaner wiener”), for $775 million. Applegate will continue to operate independently from Hormel, which owns brands like Muscle Milk, Dinty Moore, Skippy and SPAM.
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  • Hormel Foods Beats Waste Goal 6 Years Early

    Environmental Leader | June 05, 2015
    Hormel Foods beat its goal to reduce solid waste by 20 percent — the company had originally pledged to reduce solid waste to landfills by 3,500 tons by 2020, or 10 percent compared to a 2011 baseline — and has exceeded the goal six years early, according to its 2014 Hormel Foods Corporate Responsibility Report.
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