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SPAM Classic

The SPAM® family of products is all around us. In sandwiches, salads, mac and cheese; with eggs, cheese or pineapples; sliced, diced, baked or fried - the combinations are endless.

After more than 75 years in the marketplace, the SPAM® family of products is still the tasty, high-quality kitchen staple the world has come to know and love. SPAM® products are fully-cooked, made of 100 percent pure pork and ham and conveniently packaged for a distinct savory and salty-sweet taste that has been enjoyed by millions for generations. The SPAM® family of products are great for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Give them a try and find out why.

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  • SPAMbrand 30 May

    SPAM® Brand thanks the men and women who have served their country. Designed by Seth Lucas. #MemorialDay

  • SPAMbrand 29 May

    #SPAMCAN help you plan what to pack in your Memorial Day picnic basket.

  • SPAMbrand 26 May

    RT @maxcellw: Be jealous of this amazing shirt. Thank you @SPAMbrand

  • SPAMbrand 25 May

    Today host and Air Force Veteran @SunnyAnderson helped us to surprise Lackland Air Force Base #SPAMCAN

  • SPAMbrand 24 May

    Hint: the surprise is spicey and SPAMTASTIC™. #yum #recipe

  • SPAMbrand 24 May

    RT @OpGratitude: Thanks to everyone who came out to #supportourtroops at @WildFlowerFest! #WAMFest2016 #SPAMCAN

  • SPAMbrand 24 May

    RT @SunnyAnderson: Excited to head back to my old stompin grounds of San Antonio this week & Lackland AFB where I started my Air Force care…

  • SPAMbrand 23 May

    We had a rootin tootin good time at our SPAMERICAN!™ Tour stops in TX! Thanks to everyone who celebrated! #SPAMCAN

  • SPAMbrand 22 May

    Dallas' very own Chef Dean Fearing brings his SPAM® Corn Dogs The SPAMERICAN!™ Tour Dallas #SPAMCAN

  • SPAMbrand 22 May

    Who better to cook up some good old fashioned SPAM® Corn Dogs than Chef Dean Fearing?! #SPAMCAN

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