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Hormel Black Label Bacon

For over 100 years, we have pushed bacon forward. We were the first to smoke bacon with cherrywood. Then we smoked pecanwood, applewood and the naysayers.

In a world of automated machines, we actually use real hands to hand-rub our pork bellies with a propriety brine of seasonings.

Because we don’t follow the bacon craze, we are just crazy enough to lead it. We’re Black Label® bacon.

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    A Cinco de Mayo margarita would be incomplete without a bacon rim. #CincoDeMayo #jalapenobacon https://t.co/mMkzK4BuZ7

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    RT @BandBClassic: Pork, wrapped in bacon. YES. @BlackLabelBacon https://t.co/93xgDhWDDo https://t.co/5K2OlABl0T

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