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Inspired Pathways

  • Inspired Pathways

    Inspired Pathways will grant two-year college degree program tuition to the dependent children of all Hormel Foods team members in the United States, beginning later this year, with the class entering college in 2021-2022.

Inspired Pathways is designed to be inclusive of all dependent children of Hormel Foods team members, and is not based on achievement of a certain test score or GPA. The only requirements academically are that the student graduates from high school and meets the entry requirements of the community college.

We will be partnering with community colleges in cities where we have operations.

After launching the tuition assurance program, we will be creating community mentorship committees to provide resources to the students, including assistance with applications, internships and other career development opportunities.

When you think about how a college education can change lives and start a ripple effect that will be felt for generations, that’s the change maker Hormel Foods wants to be.

Jim Snee, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

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Students attending Austin Public Schools and Pacelli should apply for the Austin Assurance Scholarship, which pays for tuition and fees at Riverland Community College.