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The A-List Grocery List

See how to eat like a celebrity from the chefs who keep them fit
  • Sean Elder

June 27, 2017


Say you want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, strut like Gisele, throw like Tom Brady or shoot like Steph Curry. There’s not much you can do about genetics, but if you want to eat like these celebrities, you can get plenty of support from the chefs who keep them fit. Just be prepared to add a lot of exercise to your regimen, and tell your stomach to say goodbye to cheeseburgers.

Paltrow may be more famous for her food obsessions than her films these days. The Academy Award-winning actress and Goop founder has taken her share of grief for advocating a lifestyle that seems unattainable, if not flat-out eccentric to many. But to her millions of followers, Paltrow’s food choices are dietary lodestars that might just guide you to her perfectly ethereal look. Her latest cookbook, “It’s All Easy,” written with Chef Thea Baumann, provides plenty of recipes for such standbys as kimchi fried rice and ginger chia pudding. By pricing all the ingredients online, E News was able to duplicate three Paltrow meals a day for about $22 each. And yes, that includes breakfast.

Author and Chef Julia Turshen co-authored Paltrow’s earlier, best-selling cookbook, “It’s All Good,” and is herself no slouch in the kitchen. Having grappled with weight gain in the past, she now eats a not-hard-to-replicate diet of fruits, veggies and lean proteins. Working with Paltrow, Turshen perfected a number of recipes that are actually delicious and simple to make, like the Thai-style chicken burgers or their fried zucchini spaghetti. Currently working on a cookbook—and Turshen’s done dozens, including her own, “Small Victories”—she gets to indulge in the occasional extravagance and rationalize it. Like when she went to New Orleans with her wife “and basically ate everything in sight,” she told the New York Post recently, “but we walked from restaurant to restaurant. It was a great way to get exercise and see more of a beautiful city.”

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his wife, Brazilian supermodel and yoga fanatic Gisele Bündchen, have a personal chef who prepares meals for them and their kids. Allen Campbell, who worked in some of Boston’s best restaurants before cooking for Brady’s brood and bills himself as “The Progressive Modern Chef,” focuses on a plant-based diet “because that’s where all the nutrition is,” he told the Boston Globe. “My philosophy is that a plant-based diet has the power to reverse and prevent disease.” That doesn’t mean eat only plants: just 80 percent. “The other 20 percent is lean meats: grass-fed organic steak, duck every now and then, and chicken. As for fish, I mostly cook wild salmon.”

Now that doesn’t sound so bad! Did we mention that he uses no white sugar or white flour? Or that he only cooks with coconut oil? It’s only when you get to the “raw lasagna” (think zucchini with pesto, served cold) that you may find yourself starting to waver. The power couple’s idea of comfort food is quinoa with wilted vegetables, and some toasted almonds tossed in to liven things up.

NBA superstar and Muscle Milk® brand athlete Steph Curry has his own live-in chef: his wife, Ayesha. If you want to eat like the Golden State Warriors point guard, you can watch her upcoming Food Network show, “Ayesha’s Homemade.” Quinoa makes another appearance here—for the uninitiated, quinoa is a low-calorie, low-fat, high-protein grain that is gluten-free and has a nice nutty flavor. The Curry family’s go-to breakfast option of avocado toast is not going to break the bank, and making it is in most people’s skill set. On her website,, you’ll find lots of recipes for other culinary layups like Jalapeño cornbread and her version of refrigerator pasta.The good news is, for not much money, you can eat like Steph Curry.

Shooting like him? That’s another matter entirely.