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Higher Standards From Day One


March 9, 2017

Austin, Minn.

Launched in 2007 with a mission to help families eat and live better, the Hormel® Natural Choice® brand provides consumers with all-natural, no added preservative protein choices.

New product launches like the Hormel® Natural Choice® brand involve cross-functional groups throughout the company. Meet a few of the employees who had a hand in bringing these delicious options to consumers across the country.

“This brand is my baby,” says Russ Osier, who’s managed the production of Hormel® Natural Choice® lunchmeat for more than 10 years. “We protect this brand. We make it wholesome, and we make sure we don’t put anything consumers wouldn’t want into it.

“We believe in this brand,” Osier continues, “and in its high standards for the long term so our consumers have the experience they expect and deserve.”

Those high standards are strengthened by the small town values where Hormel® Natural Choice® products are made—values like simplicity, honesty, cleanliness and efficiency. The entire manufacturing process and all of the products’ primary ingredients exist within a 400-mile radius of Osceola, Iowa.

“Small town farmers and plant workers drive a sustainable, efficient process across the company,” says Tom Raymond, director of environmental sustainability at Hormel Foods. “When big companies do it right, there’s a better chance to do more.”

That includes reducing its carbon footprint by more than 47 tons and cutting diesel fuel usage by nearly 4,700 gallons in a single year.

“It’s a line of products that’s been innovative since its inception,” said Mike Forbes, corporate manager of regulatory affairs at Hormel Foods explains. “We find pleasure in the simplicity of the brand and the product itself. It has integrity: safe, clean, great taste.”

One significant innovation of the Hormel® Natural Choice®brand is the use of High Pressure Processing (HPP) to protect the products, which means water is used in place of preservatives. Find out more about the cutting-edge technology below.

“We continually look for ways to improve our brand,” Jessica Sieren, product development scientist, says. Not only does that mean exploring and introducing new flavors and choices, but keeping high quality top of mind. “We want to ensure our quality process, and deliver the best product we can to our consumers.”

As the Hormel® Natural Choice® brand celebrates more than a decade of delicious lunchmeats, one thing’s for sure: we can look forward to even more innovation, quality products and higher standards for the entire industry.

“The Hormel® Natural Choice® brand is a part of our legacy,” said Forbes, “and it’s a part of our vision for the future.”