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Fremont sign
Hormel Foods purchased the Fremont Plant in 1947. Today, approximately 1,400 employees are responsible for producing a variety of retail and food service products, including: Hormel® Always Tender® fresh pork, Little Sizzlers® sausage and the SPAM® family of products.

One Inspired Team Fremont

  • Mike Swanson
    All Smiles
  • Laura Baumert
    Thumbs Up
  • Luis Gonzalez Allende
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Ruth Castro
  • Doug Hutchinson
  • Marco Martinez
  • Michael Olsen
  • Blythe Ceaser
  • Barry Wilson
  • Elver Martinez
  • Josh Ladd
  • Win Myint
  • Domingo Gonzalez
  • Sandy Tedrow
  • Jose Rodriguez
  • Sheri Carlson
  • Travis Callaway

All Smiles

How Mike Swanson helps co-workers put on a happy face

Meet Mike

Thumbs Up

At work and at home, Laura Baumert’s story is one we like

Meet Laura