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We advocate healthy living and give consumers resources to make delicious, nutritious meals while saving time and energy. This includes recipes, meal options and tips they can easily weave into their day-to-day lives.

Our Commitment

We want to help consumers achieve their personal nutrition and wellness goals and make smart decisions on their product purchases. We believe it is our responsibility to be more than just a food company; we advocate healthy living and provide consumers with the resources they need to make healthy decisions about the food they eat.

Balance and Nutrition

Wellness includes more than just what you eat. A balanced diet, work-life balance, and harmony among life’s competing demands are important, too.

We are committed to helping people make good decisions and maintain balance in their lives. Thus, we use our social media presence and websites to provide information, realistic meal options and tips they can use every day. For example, we have a nutritious recipes section on our Jennie-O®brand website. We know that a long-term commitment to wellness requires ongoing support and we want to help by suggesting practical, simple steps that can make a big difference over the long term.