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The Lunch Whisperer

“I hope we will be able to give people creative ideas and be there for them. Mealtime is one of the top stressors I hear about from my followers.”

Kristina Kuzmič is the inaugural Lunch Whisperer for the Hormel® Natural Choice® brand, helping inspire moments of connection that counteract the chaos of everyday life. She shares tricks, recipes, and aspirational advice that make her family lunches a success and bring balance to her routine.

The Lunch Whisperer: Kristina Kuzmič
Cooking is Kristina’s superpower, giving her purpose and uniting a worldwide community of parents navigating life’s challenges—from what to make for lunch to much deeper questions.
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The Sandwich Social Club Meet The Team

Because lunch is always improved by great conversation, the Lunch Whisperer will co-host virtual get-togethers regularly with this group of straight-talking, snack-happy moms. You may have seen them on social media before, sharing easy-to-make recipes and relatable snapshots of their lives. They’re collaborators and community builders, each bringing unique perspective and family-approved foods to the virtual table.

  • Rosie Batista: The Passionate Chef

    Rosie Batista is a fiancé, mother and Latina chef excited to share her passion for cooking with el pueblo. She’ll invite you into her family, take you along on adventures and bring useful food tips to enjoy. During Rosie’s visits to The Lunch Club, everyone enjoys her Dominican-American culinary expertise and New York attitude.

  • Jennifer Borget: The Eternal Optimist

    Jennifer Borget is a wife and mother inspiring families to cherish every day. She chronicles her journey of embracing individuality and celebrating diversity with her babies on She’ll share simple family recipes and fun snack ideas with the Lunch Whisperer, as well as insight to finding inner calm during life’s storms.

  • Samantha Gutstadt: The Queen of Mom Hacks

    Samantha Gutstadt is a wife, mother, actress, content creator and digital influencer. This Canadian LA resident shares an array of helpful hacks through her blog and always delivers on the laughs. Samantha brings humor, candor and unexpected wilderness camping know-how to the Lunch Whisperer.

  • Bev Weidner: The Unapologetic Grazer

    Bev Weidner has been sharing fun and fresh recipes, plus stories and advice, on her blog BevCooks since 2010. Bev believes that everything is better with creative comfort food, a good rosé and a good laugh. She’ll bring food inspo and styling tricks galore to the Lunch Whisperer.

Join The Sandwich Social Club Live

The Sandwich Social Club got back together to talk all about cooking habits, from grazing and snacking to getting your kids involved in the fun. Don’t miss out on their stories and tips to help you make great food that’s easy and leaves you time to connect with loved ones.

The Sandwich Social Club: The Lunch Whisperer Kristina Kuzmič, Jennifer Borget and Samantha Gutstadt will talk about all things self-care and the role that great, simple food plays in helping you and your family.

The Sandwich Social Club: Bev Cooks, Chef Rosie Batista, and Samantha Gutstadt joined us to talk about “road food!” camping, road trips, and food on the go!

Join Lunch Whisperer Kristina and her friends Bev and Rosie from the Sandwich Social Club as they talk about reuniting with friends and family on Instagram Live.


  • Kristina is passionate and intentional about making meaningful time with her family, often over food. Whether it’s making an unforgettably flavorful meal for them that didn’t take hours or getting them excited to take part in kitchen preparation, she knows the value of these special moments and the importance of keeping it simple when and where she can. Kristina has countless inspired uses for lunchmeat, for example, and reaches for Hormel® Natural Choice® products to make recipes like these.

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