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A ‘Boon’ for All

Mary Burich | September 27, 2022

People | Pride of the Jersey

West Central Turkeys team member receives jersey

Cory Boone may be a master of understatement – or perhaps it’s just his knack for keeping calm that gives everyone around him a feeling of security. A maintenance supervisor at West Central Turkeys, Cory was the first recipient to receive the 2022 Pride of the Jersey award at the Hormel Foods location in Pelican Rapids, Minn.

Ask him if he knows why, and he will reluctantly offer as evidence that he has been working “some extra time lately” and that COVID-19 increased his workload “somewhat.”

Janice Siedel, his nominator, begs to differ.

“He has handled everything [that’s come] his way,” she says. “I can hear him on the radio, and he is always kind, patient and helpful – even on difficult days.”

He has handled everything [that’s come] his way

Janice Siedel

Cory joined the company nine years ago, signing on as an entry-level mechanic, he says. He worked his way up to supervisor, handling second shift, sometimes by himself. During his daytime hours, he has another full-time job. The father of four young children, ages 1 to 7, Cory works side by side with his wife, Eh Lawra, to make sure the kids are attended to. When there is some down time, Cory enjoys what he refers to as “the usual Midwest stuff” – fishing and hunting, for example. He also trades stocks and cryptocurrency.

The family lives in Pelican Rapids, where Cory was raised during his school years. Upon finishing his education, he spent three years as a farmhand before joining the company that has a major presence in the small Minnesota town. It was a good move.

His job affords him the opportunity to “solve all different kinds of problems,” his favorite thing to do. It also gives him well-deserved recognition for embodying the Cultural Beliefs of Hormel Foods.

“He’s one of the best,” Janice says.