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We create leading brands and products, improve food and worker safety, and focus on the future of the food industry.

Originate, don’t imitate.

George A. Hormel

For more than 130 years, innovation has been part of our DNA. To ensure our continued success, mission-driven innovation must be Our Way Forward.

Yet, innovation doesn’t just happen. We have an inspired team of innovation leaders charged with organizing and advancing our efforts. A tremendous amount of innovation happens here everyday.

And that’s just the beginning; each of us has a role to play in moving our uncommon company forward even faster. From thinking of ways to streamline our processes, to improving supply chain operations, to introducing new lines of products – This is The Originate Initiative.

Insights Led, Data Driven

Our innovation practices are unique.

What makes us distinct is our competitive advantage. We use our partnerships and broad industry connections to create category leading brands and utilize best in class practices and technologies. When we develop products internally, we draw from a remarkable braintrust of partners, customers, suppliers and world class experts for both ideation and execution.

Innovation is not a department, it is our philosophy.

Jim Snee, Chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer

Forging New Paths

We innovate across all facets of business.

The ability to marshal deep industry experience is what makes Hormel Foods an innovation powerhouse. We use this power not only in the creation of brands and products but in all areas of the operation to create delicious, accessible food while improving safety, reducing impacts on the environment, and supporting our inspired team.

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The Future of The Food Industry

We’re leading the food industry across foodservice, retail, cutting edge technologies and science.

Food-forward thinking and right-time adoption of new technologies enables continuous progress across the global company.

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