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Moving considerately the world over

As one of the most admired food companies in the world, we’re dependent on natural resources. It’s on us to use them carefully and responsibly.

We have the ability do right by future generations and leave our planet better than we found it.
of domestic energy use with renewable sourcing
Pounds Saved
in packaging materials
Reduced Water Use By
Making progress where it counts

Continuous improvement matters to us. In addition to our annual Global Impact report, we created our 20 By 30 Challenge: 20 world-improving goals to hit by 2030.

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Becoming more protective of earthly materials

We believe in an aggressive pursuit of reducing waste, conserving water and renewing energy.

Supply Chain
Sharing high standards with our partners

We work alongside people who are just as intentional about food quality and integrity as we are.

Innovating for our future and our earth’s

For more than 130 years, innovation has been part of our DNA. It’s not a department, it’s our philosophy.

Being mindful of our impact

plant on a mound of soil
Regenerative Agriculture

Projects that help restore soil and help lessen the effects of climate change are critical to us

clouds with gas bubbles
Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Climate Impact

From our plants to our delivery logistics, we’re minimizing our impact on air quality

compost food waste bags
Food Waste & Loss

As we work toward zero food waste, we’re working to drastically decrease what we contribute to landfills

packaging with eco friendly graphic
Eco-friendly Packaging

We’re making packaging improvements and innovations in order to save materials and promote recyclability

pig in field
Animal Wellbeing

We want every animal to be raised in a healthy environment and treated properly

food on market counter
Nutrition Access & Affordability

We work to make our products affordable for consumers in every market


stories from hormel foods Following through

Sun-Powered Snacking
Processing 100,000 pounds of grain a day takes a lot of energy, and this plant gets it from the sun
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