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Our Food Journey™

We know that building social value and creating economic value are not competing goals. And where Our Path Forward is our compass, Our Food Journey is our North Star.

Jim Snee, Chief Executive Officer
The Road Traveled

Austin Roots

Our journey began over 125 years ago, in a small town filled with hard-working people in the heart of American farm country. It was a time when brands weren’t created in marketing departments, but built on authenticity, consistency and reputation. We prospered by treating our customers and partners like neighbors — because that’s who they were then and who they are now. Like our farmers and the grocers who sell our products, we believe that bringing good food from farms to families is an honorable job that creates value for all.

HORMEL Antique Truck

Our journey has taken us miles from those earliest days, and these ideas still guide us.

The Road Ahead

As one of the most trusted food companies, our inspired people are driven to create an impact felt around the world. While all of humanity is now our hometown, our values were formed in the American heartland. We are proud of our ongoing partnerships with more than 500 family farms. Often spanning multiple generations, these farmers share our commitment to animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Each year we pioneer new projects and innovations that reduce water and energy usage. Decreasing food waste and protecting our shared resources for future generations are core to our business.

Project Spammy

Whether bringing nutrition and hope to small villages in Guatemala, or providing food for hungry families closer to home, our job is to create beloved brands that make a difference in people’s lives. We believe that every family should have access to foods that are affordable, safe, nutritious and delicious. By making foods that are simpler with more recognizable ingredients, we’re helping people feel confident about their food choices.

3 Chefs

In our lifetime, we’ll face many new challenges. Chief among them will be providing quality food to over 10 billion people on a planet with limited resources. To feed all these families will require foresight and continuous innovation. Our inspired people, more than 20,000 strong, are unafraid to lead, imagine and motivate others to do the same. We will challenge the status quo, make new discoveries and share what we learn.

We won’t do it alone. That’s why we are inviting others to join us in our journey. As we move forward, we will be united with our customers, employees, communities, farmers and others who, like us, believe we can make a difference and create a better world. Together, we’ll prove that progress is measured not only in the dollars we make, but in the lives we touch and the communities we lift.

group of people in the back of an open truck carrying food

At Hormel Foods, we’re not just inspired to make great food. We’re inspired to make a difference.