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Aiming to Inspire

Kelly Braaten | January 22, 2018

People | Pride of the Jersey

When Keith Adams was selected as the first Alma (Kan.) Foods Pride of the Jersey recipient, his eyes filled with tears of joy. Described as a role model by Plant Manager Shane Weers, Keith said he was both surprised and honored to receive the recognition.

Keith Adams

Keith has been a production lead at the plant for a little over two years. Prior to joining the company, he was a truck driver, but as Keith explains, “This job was a better opportunity.”

“Keith was selected because he is a very self-motivated and detail-oriented individual,” Shane says. “For example, one day I had one supervisor out on vacation and another supervisor was out sick. When Keith came in for second shift, he told me he would take care of the lead-line paperwork. He always steps up and says, ‘I’ll do it – don’t worry about it.’”

He always steps up and says, ‘I’ll do it – don’t worry about it.’

Shane Weers, Alma Foods plant manager

A Kansas native, Keith says he was brought up to work hard and to aim to be a role model for others. In his free time, he enjoys taking his aim with sports shooting and playing video games.

Keith wore the jersey to a barbeque with co-workers to celebrate the achievement. In addition, Shane arranged to have a large banner printed of Keith wearing the jersey hung in the warehouse for everyone to see — something he is continuing to do for all of the jersey recipients.

“It felt rewarding and satisfying to receive the jersey,” Keith says. “Alma Foods is a great place to work – they treat us well.”