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Celebrating Mother’s Day

May 12, 2023


Surprise Mom with a DIY Charcuterie Board this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to shower moms with love, appreciation and unforgettable gestures. With 86% of Americans celebrating Mother’s Day1 each year, why not break away from conventional gifts and surprise her with something truly extraordinary, a beautifully arranged assortment of delectable cured meats, fine cheeses, artisanal crackers, and an array of mouthwatering accompaniments? Keep scrolling to get tips for assembling a snack board from our experts!

Take On A Trend

Snackle boxes have been trending across social media recently. The charcuterie experts at Columbus Craft Meats took the trend in another direction to make it a Mother’s Day memory to never forget: A char-jewelry box!

Build Your Own Charcuterie Board

Creating a perfect charcuterie board is a fun way to make something personal while ensuring it tastes great. COLUMBUS® Craft Meats makes shopping for your charcuterie board easy, as all the flavors and artisan products necessary are ready for your board-building needs. Every charcuterie board is focused on five categories: meat, cheese, acid, crunch, and sweet wow factor. When shopping for your board, keeping those five categories in mind can help ensure a balanced flavor profile – but don’t be afraid to let your kids choose items they think their mom will love and have fun with the process!

We all know mom always loves homemade gifts, so what better way to celebrate her special day than a customized charcuterie board? My kids and I frequently arrange floral bouquets in our house and it’s a great activity to do together – plus they even get to eat their work.

Evan Inada, Charcuterie/Partnerships Director at COLUMBUS® Craft Meats

Tips from our Charcuterie Director

  • Meat

    Use a medium-diameter Italian dry salami and a larger diameter Genoa or Sopressata make for easy rose folding, while a full-muscle salumi item like Coppa and Prosciutto adds elegance to the board.

  • Cheese

    Pick your mom’s favorite when choosing cheeses or add some flare with a brie or mascarpone and a firmer cheese like cheddar, gouda, or mimolette to cut out shapes for your board.

  • Acid

    For acidity, include fresh fruits like green grapes, strawberries, and gooseberries or other items with vibrant colors.

  • Crunch

    Add fruit/nut crackers and milder crackers that play well with the rich and creamy flavors on the board for crunch. You can also toss your favorite plain nuts in turbinado sugar and dried lavender to add a unique flavor.

  • Sweet Wow Factor

    Finally, add fresh flowers, chocolates, or even honeycomb for a sweet wow factor to give the kids a fun treat while building.

How To Build Salami Roses

1. The easiest way is to fold all the salami in half, then line them up like a tower on top of each other, then roll them from the bottom all the way up and secure them with a toothpick.

2. Another method is to get a small-rimmed wine glass and fold each full salami over the rim until you can flip it over and place it on the board.

3. A third option is to start with one twisted rose and work from the inside to the outside, folding half-fold salami until you can place them in a small cup to hold their form.

Once your salami roses are complete, decorate them with green grapes, thyme, or rosemary to create the rose look on the board, and place them next to the Brie wheel with the heart cut into it. Best part about this, is you can do no wrong. Have fun with it!

Don’t Forget
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1Source: Collage Group Holidays & Occasions Survey, May 2021 (13-75 population)