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Crafting the Ultimate Father’s Day

June 13, 2023


Delight dad’s taste buds with these perfect charcuterie pairings.

This Father’s Day, treat dad to some of his favorite beers or whiskeys with an array of savory cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and his favorite salty or sweet snacks.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate him than with a curated experience that combines some of dad’s favorite beloved indulgences: beer, whiskey, and charcuterie.

Create the perfect beer or whiskey pairing board to enjoy with dad using these pairing tips from our charcuterie experts at COLUMBUS® Craft Meats!

For Bold Whiskeys with a Bite:

Choose a buttery salumi to balance the bite of the whiskey with fattiness, such as COLUMBUS® Hot Capicolla. This will bring out the boldness of the whiskey. Pair it with a creamy bleu cheese to complement the Capicolla.

For Smokey Whiskeys:

COLUMBUS® Spanish Style Chorizo Salame and a sharp cheddar pair well with a smoky whiskey or Scotch. Bold pepper flavors will balance out the smokiness, especially when the whiskey is served on the rocks.

For a Sweeter Rye Whiskey:

The sweetness of pork in the COLUMBUS® Genoa Salami will complement the sweetness of a rye whiskey. Pair this with a soft brie for the perfect finish.

For Pilsner, Pale Ales, Sours

Choose a milder salami like COLUMBUS® Italian Dry Salami and a mild, sweeter creamy cheese like chevre. These mild flavors are the perfect complement to the light crispness of pilsner, ales and sours.

For Darker Beers:

Select a salumi with a bolder flavor, COLUMBUS® Hot Coppa and COLUMBUS® Genoa Salami pair well with a bolder cheese such as cheddar or brie that will help balance the maltiness and complexities of a dark beer.

Don’t Forget The Crunch:

Choose things to complement dad’s taste when adding accoutrements. Snacks that are cured, salty, and crunchy are the perfect combination with ice cold beers or whiskey on the rocks. For bolder whiskeys and ryes, you’ll want to keep your crunch flavors a little more on the mellow side- try water crackers or crunchy breadsticks for the perfect crunch factor without conflicting flavors.

All in all, it’s truly about dad, and what he likes. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy delicious charcuterie, so as long as you make your pairings with dad in mind, he’s sure to enjoy your creation!

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