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Picture Perfect Picnic

Bev Weidner | April 28, 2022


Inspiration for a trendy picnic celebration

Mother’s Day is basically at our doorstep. So, let’s get inspired — PICNIC style. It’s warm out. It’s sunny. We’re in gardening slash outside slash lounge mode, so why not amp up our picnic game with some fabulous go-to products from Hormel Foods. A bit of savory, a bit of sweet, a few freshies and we’re set. Let me show you!

Picture Perfect Picnic

What I love about this picnic setup is that anything goes. Cheez Balls from the Planters® brand? We’re so in. Nostalgia-inducing Corn Nuts® snacks in both ranch AND bbq flavors? Yes, please. Ready-made cheese and meat trays from Columbus Craft Meats? Of course! Take what you want from this list and go as big or small as you please. Also, maybe include a mimosa for mom. She deserves it.

First up, I gathered some favorite pantry staples.

Picture Perfect Picnic

Planters® Nut-rition® mixes, Hormel® Pepperoni stix (such a classic!), Planters® Cheez Balls (forever a lover), SKIPPY® P.B. Bites (you gotta try these!), SKIPPY® creamy peanut butter, Corn Nuts® snacks (both flavors because we’re living), Justin’s® dark AND milk chocolate peanut butter cups (this is the sweet I’m talking about!), Justin’s® almond butter and peanut butter pouches (watch what we do with them), Planters® heat peanuts (to die for) and some of the famous Planters® mixed nuts. Such a good spread already!

Next up, some meat & cheese items because we’re living our best lives here, folks.

Picture Perfect Picnic

A Hormel Gatherings® meat and cheese party tray (it’s all done for you!), a couple of charcuterie snack trays from Columbus Craft Meats (obsessed with these), two Columbus® paninos (who can resist?), a few Natural Choice® snack packs (my kids are obsessed), and some Columbus® salame and Applegate® pepperoni slices. It’s a whole delicious thing. YES. But just pick and choose what would work for your board!

One last step; then we build.

Some fresh! I went with grapes, strawberries, celery and a few flowers for some natural tuck-ins on the board. It’s the little things, ya know.

Build your picnic board any way you like. Go big, stay simple, it all works. I went with a little bit of everything here and made an epic board that was just divine outside on a couple of blankets with a favorite playlist and a crisp bottle of white wine. I’m telling you, make something like this for mom and she’ll cherish the day forever.

Now, who wants to pour me a drink?