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Starring Role

Mary Burich | August 6, 2018

People | Pride of the Jersey

Meet Josh Chilcutt

Centuries after the term Renaissance man was coined, Josh Chilcutt may well be defining it.

Josh Chilcutt

He joined Hormel Foods Australia a year ago as head of logistics and supply management, making his mark early on by reorganizing and renegotiating the company’s vendor contracts. The endeavor was so impressive, Josh received the company’s prized jersey, an honor more often bestowed on those who have been with the company for many years.

It might seem like a lot for a new-hire to bite off, but Josh lives for a challenge. “If I haven’t done it before, I want to go and do it,” he says.

A Leading Man

A California native, Josh is a veteran of the U.S. Marines who knows how to design and make clothing. He’s trained as a high tenor in classical singing and is handy enough with a camera to be hired for events. He begins his day each morning at 4:50 by heading to the gym, and when time allows, he models and acts in commercials, television shows and movies. (Google his name and you’ll find an IMDb profile listing his recent accomplishments, including a role as a machine gunner in the recently released motion picture “Occupation.”)

His acting “hobby” got its start 10 years ago when a friend called and said he was going to be in a miniseries called “The Pacific.” The World War II piece that was being directed by Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks was in need of extras, the friend said. Since its plot revolved around several young Marines, Josh decided to give it a shot.

He was living in Australia and attending “uni,” (short for university). “I was cheeky,” he says. “I sent a picture of myself in my dress blues.”

The strategy worked. Josh was on the set for nine months. He did stunts and even had a line, although it was later cut. He never crossed paths with the famous directors, but he was in five of the 10 episodes and made a lot of friends from Hollywood.

I seize the day, grab the moment and just do it.

Josh Chilcutt

One was Dale Dye, a retired Marine, accomplished actor and technical advisor for military films and television shows. More than 30 years Josh’s senior, he pulled him aside one day and shared with him the reality of life as an actor.

“I had a wife, two kids and a mortgage,” Josh says. “I decided it was probably better to be career-minded and act as a hobby.”

These days, he will jump on “an occasional movie” if he’s interested and has the time.

“I seize the day, grab the moment and just do it. If it’s something I want to do, I just have to do it.”