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12 Healthy Snacks That RDs Use To Avoid Hanger On The Go (No Fridge Necessary!)


Mind Body Green

Even the best of us can be caught out without a healthy snack on hand, which make us wonder—what do people who make their living in nutrition do to avoid the problem?

We asked the healthiest people we know what they keep on hand to avoid hanger emergencies. One clear winner? Dried chickpeas and other legumes, which, R.D.s noted, are rich in both satiating fiber and protein. Read on for their favorite brands and more genius ideas…

I always keep snacks on me because I am naturally a hangry person. The two items you can find in my bag depending on whether I want salty or sweet are roasted chickpeas (so many awesome brands out there but I love Biena’s cool ranch flavor) and Justin’s nut butter packets. I just open it up and eat it as is. Both of these give me instant and consistent energy, plus they taste great.