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27 Healthy and Easy-To-Pack Snacks To Take On-The-Go



Eating on the road doesn’t have to mean resorting to fast food.

You spend a good amount of time and care ensuring you and your family are living a healthy lifestyle on the regular, so why should everything go out the car door when traveling?

From protein-packed butters and dips to fiber-chocked shakes and bars to flavor-bursting popcorns and chip alternatives (you won’t be able to tell the difference!), we had dietitians round up some of their favorite packaged snacks for staying satiated and without compromising your fitness goals on road trips, long flights and beyond…

Justin’s Classic Nut Butter Squeeze Pack

“I love these individual-sized packets because they are convenient and made with simple, natural ingredients. In addition, Justin’s Nut Butter is sustainably sourced, so you know the company cares about both you and the environment,” said Coleman, who recommends combining the nut butter with a fresh piece of fruit “for a healthy and balanced snack.”