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Columbus Craft Meats Introduces Interactive Charcuterie Experience


Deli Market News

How is this new online platform taking guesswork out of pairing, giving shoppers new tools to craft the perfect board?

The art of creating a charcuterie board sometimes appears allusive, an impossible feat for us mere mortals. Knowing what cheeses and meats you like is already half the battle, but having to figure out what they pair with—and if they pair well together? Never fear, board lovers, Columbus Craft Meats has a brilliant solution. The company launched an interactive charcuterie experience, allowing consumers to easily create the perfect, personalized combination of craft meats and accompaniments this holiday season.

Logging onto your-board, one will see the selections of meats and flavor profiles available, as well as a digital wooden board. If you click on Soppressata, for instance, various accoutrement that pair best with the craft meat will appear on the board.

The website notes that you can “build your custom charcuterie board with up to six Columbus Craft Meat varieties. When you’re finished, enter your email to receive a shopping list of unique cheese, accoutrement, and wine pairings as well as your meat selections.” In addition, shoppers will get a $3 off coupon to save on Columbus’ products.