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How This Company Found Success By Putting Its Customers’ Dignity Ahead of Profits



Hormel Foods saw an opportunity to improve the lives of cancer sufferers and leapt into action

One of the biggest protein companies in the world is putting its muscle behind helping the 15 million people in America who are suffering from cancer.

Hormel Foods (whose brands include Skippy, Muscle Milk, Spam and Applegate, to name a few), and the Cancer Nutrition Consortium partnered with researchers at the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Yale, NYU Langone and others to create a line of meals and shakes designed to meet the needs of cancer patients, called Hormel Vital Cuisine. (In the photo above, Whitney Port, who lost her father to cancer, helped celebrate the product launch).

Speaking with Entrepreneur, Wendy Watkins, President of the Cancer Nutrition Consortium and VP of Hormel Corporate Communications, explained the challenges cancer patients face: “I’m a breast cancer survivor going on year 6. I didn’t cry when I was diagnosed, but one night when I was 23 weeks into chemo, everyone went out to dinner and I had huge mouth sores and I could not eat a single thing. All I could do was drink water and I just burst into tears right there in the restaurant.”