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Wrapping Hams


Meat & Poultry

Brian Hendrickson, director of cured and smoked meats, weighs in on packaging and labeling ham products for different occasions.

Ham products come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of users from consumers in the home, to distributors, to foodservice operators in the back of the house. Also, hams vary based on the size and purpose of the end use. For example, a product meant to serve two to four people at an everyday meal vs. a whole ham meant to serve 15 or more people at a holiday gathering. How processors package and label those ham products often varies as much as the products themselves.

Hormel Foods looks at packaging and labeling as more of a single decision that incorporates both elements. “Packaging choices and labeling go hand in hand,” Hendrickson says. “Both must be able to attract your target audience, as well as attract new customers to your product.”