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SPAM® Musubi



During WWII, many Hawaiians had a tendency to hoard cases of SPAM® out of fear that food shipments might not make it to the islands. Made of pork, salt, water, sugar, and sodium nitrate, a can of SPAM® can last up to three years. The snack is now associated with Hawaii, where some seven million cans of SPAM® are consumed a year (that’s almost five times the state’s population!).In Hawaii, you’ll find SPAM® everywhere from convenience stores to gas stations. Wrapped in nori (and often plastic), it’s an easy-to-pack hand-held snack perfect for beach life.SPAM® musubi is a popular Hawaiian snack. It’s typically made with short grain rice and grilled teriyaki-marinated SPAM®, sprinkled with furikake—a Japanese seaweed seasoning—and wrapped in nori. You’ll find many variations on musubi with different fillings, flavorings, and proteins: some even deep fry the whole package. This easy take is a perfect for picnics, beach hangs, or an afternoon snack.