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First-Ever Online SPAM® Recipe Exchange Encourages Families to ‘Just Add SPAM® Products’


Austin, Minn.

What are three of the most welcomed words in a casual cook’s kitchen? “Just add _____!”

This week, the makers of SPAM® products are taking those words to heart – and taking them online – by launching their first-ever recipe exchange, SPAM® Products: Dish This!, at It’s a destination for people eager to share their SPAM® creations, try and rate recipes from others and – most importantly – learn how merely adding SPAM® products to some of their favorite and most-familiar foods is a surefire way to spice up mealtime.

“Over the years we’ve tasted hundreds of traditional dishes that families have brought to new life simply and inexpensively by mixing in SPAM® products– and with it, more flavor and zest,” said Dan Goldman, senior product manager of SPAM® Family of Products. “SPAM® Products: Dish This! is designed to bring these people together, encourage them to share their recipes and to help recruit others interested in waking up from monotonous meal routines.”

In its introductory year, the exchange will spotlight three easy “meal makeovers” that encourage casual cooks to try their hand at re-imagining recipes made from three of the most-common kitchen staples:

-The first makeover, kicking off in January, encourages users to add SPAM® products to their favorite egg dish to break their breakfast boredom.

-The second makeover, featured in April, encourages families to boost the flavor of their favorite sandwich by including one of eight – SPAM® varieties and sharing their recipe with other fans on the recipe exchange.

-Pasta is a natural pairing for SPAM® products, so the third meal makeover, beginning in July, asks people to submit an original recipe combining SPAM® with Mac & Cheese. These recipes will be judged – and one grand prize winner will walk away with $1,000 in cash. or a gift certificate to a kitchen store of their choice.

Those who know the brand best will be part of the SPAM® Products: Dish This! launch from the start. The makers of SPAM® products are reaching out to the SPAM® Fan Club through an E-newsletter and to more than 21,000 fans on their Facebook and Twitter pages – as well as former Blue Ribbon state fair SPAM® recipe winners and a newly created SPAM® blogger panel – to encourage them to participate.

-A panel of past Blue Ribbon state fair recipe winners not only will provide cooking tips during each of the meal makeovers, they will be a part of the judging process for the SPAM® Mac & Cheese recipe contest.

-The SPAM® blogger panel is agreeing to participate in the year-long exchange, detailing their recipe creations and opinions on their sites. They will also be involved in the final recipe meal makeover judging.

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