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Hormel Health Labs Debuts a New Coffee Drink for People with Dysphagia


Austin, Minn.

New Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks bring great tasting coffee to those with swallowing difficulties

Hormel Health Labs, a leader in health and nutrition products and part of the Hormel Foods Corporation (NYSE:HRL) family of companies, has introduced new and improved Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks, bringing the simple pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee to those on a dysphagia diet. Dysphagia is the medical term used to describe difficulty swallowing, and affects millions of people, including 1 in 25 adults. Dysphagia can occur in any age group but is most common in adults. Hormel Health Labs has long been a leader in creating nutritional, great-tasting products for those with special nutritional needs. Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks are the latest in a line of more than 250 products specifically designed for those who have difficulty swallowing.

“Grabbing a cup of coffee with friends or enjoying it as you start your day is a ritual that people take for granted”, said Tim Garry, director of marketing for Hormel Health Labs. “There are many disruptions to the lives of those challenged by dysphagia. The taste of a good cup of coffee should not be one of them. These new and improved Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks bring those with difficulty swallowing the comfort, togetherness and stability that a cup of coffee represents.”

Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks are the newest addition to the line of Thick and Easy® hot drink mixes. The coffee sticks introduce an improved swallowing agent thickened with xanthan gum to traditional products thickened with starches, which can be more problematic. The product is also decaffeinated to help individuals avoid dehydration.

New Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks bring great flavor and convenience, and an overall improvement in quality of life, to people that experience difficulties in swallowing.

Combined with convenient pre-measured packaging, the product is easier to prepare and enjoy than ever before. In addition to the nutrition benefits of Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks, they give those suffering from swallowing difficulties an easy way to reclaim their morning routine. Whether at home or on the go, simply dissolve the sticks in a cup of hot or cold water and let it stand until the desired consistency is reached.

The coffee sticks are available in two consistencies to meet individual dietary needs; IDDSI level 3 consistency which is moderately thick, and IDDSI level 2 consistency which is mildly thick.

Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks are available from major healthcare suppliers and directly from Hormel Health Labs. Visit for more information or to make a purchase.

About Hormel Health Labs

The Hormel Health Labs team is passionate about improving people’s lives through better food and nutrition. Our mission is to provide great-tasting, affordable and convenient products – Nourishment When You Need It Most™. Our Thick & Easy® brand has been a leader in dysphagia nutrition for over 25 years, with products including pureed foods, desserts, thickened beverages and snacks for the millions of people affected by dysphagia. The company also has a broad portfolio of other health nutrition brands, including Hormel Vital Cuisine™ products, designed for those going through cancer treatment. Whether you are a major healthcare center, a special care facility, a caregiver or an individual, we are here to provide quality, tasty dietary solutions. Learn more or explore our line of products at

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