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The Makers of the Wholly Guacamole® Brand Launch Wholly® Simply Avocado™ Dips and Spreads


Orange, Calif.

Gone are the days of needing to wait or guess on the ripeness of an avocado.

The makers of the Wholly Guacamole® Brand, America’s No. 1 selling refrigerated guacamole, announced today the launch of Wholly® Simply Avocado™ dips and spreads, a new line of pure, wholesome avocado dips and spreads. The new line is now available in the produce department at select Walmart store shelves throughout the U.S., and also online at

Simply Avocado™ dips and spreads offer no-mess, always ripe and great tasting avocado year-round, enhanced with a few simple flavor enhancing ingredients. The struggle of finding the perfect avocado is over!

Each variety is made with only simple ingredients combined with real, hand-scooped Hass avocados—they’re ideal for use on avocado toast, as a delicious pairing for easy appetizers or finger foods, and a topping on salad. It is equally tasty when enjoyed as a dip or nutritious snack, too. The five varieties include:

Now available at select Walmart stores:

  • Sea Salt – avocado with sea salt
  • Garlic Herb – avocado with garlic, parsley, sea salt, and a touch of lime juice

Coming soon to stores near you:

  • Roasted Red Pepper – avocado with roasted red bell peppers, sea salt, and a touch of lime juice
  • Jalapeño Lime – avocado with lime juice, jalapeño peppers and sea salt
  • Just Avocado – plain and simple, nothing but avocado

“Because of its great taste and corresponding nutrition benefits, people all across the U.S. want to eat more avocado, but often struggle with the reality of finding a perfectly ripe one,” says Diana De Loza, innovation manager at MegaMex Foods. “The Simply Avocado™ brand offers a simple and convenient solution for enjoying real avocado as a spread, topping or dip. With no need for mashing or preparation, there’s no hassle or fuss – just open the package and let the enjoyment begin!”

Like all Wholly® products, Simply Avocado™ dips and spreads are made with hand-scooped Hass avocados and are gluten free and kosher certified with no preservatives added – making clean eating easier than ever. For extra convenience, Simply Avocado™ products (MSRP $3.68 – $4.19) are packaged in premium peel-back trays with lids, allowing for easy storage and usage in multiple snacking occasions. The new products are currently available at select Walmart stores in the U.S. and online at, and are continuing to grow presence in the produce department of other national/regional retailers.

For more information about Wholly® Simply Avocado™ products and stores where you can buy, visit

About the Wholly® Brand

The Wholly® Brand is a brand of MegaMex Foods, one of the largest manufacturers of pre-prepared Mexican food across the country. A global leader in food safety, quality and innovation, the Wholly® Brand uses high pressure processing (HPP) to create Wholly® products. In addition, each product is made with hand-scooped Hass avocados and is gluten free and kosher certified. All Wholly® products are available nationwide in the produce or deli section of grocery stores. For more information, visit