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Meet our Inspired Interns

This summer Hormel Foods proudly welcomes the 2024 class of inspired interns to its award-winning summer internship program. The company hosts more than 90 college students who represent over 50 colleges and universities throughout the United States.
  • Katie Runstrom, quality assurance intern at Rochelle (Illinois) Foods

    Katie started off the first few days of her internship with up-close observations. She’s already learned a lot, including how to do the daily paperwork for ham production at Rochelle Foods. As for her favorite Hormel Foods product, she enjoys Skippy® peanut butter.

  • Payal Singh, International marketing intern at the Corporate Office (Austin, Minnesota)

    Payal comes to us all the way from Atlanta, Georgia! Her favorite project so far has been helping to update Skippy® packaging for distribution across the globe. “I learned how large the International team is and how it is continuing to expand.” Payal’s favorite products are anything from House of Tsang® sauces.

  • Anna Beth Barclay, Retail sales intern at the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Sales Office

    Anna has spent her first few days learning about planograms and working to understand how to maximize sales and optimize product placement. Her favorite project so far has been conducting a digital audit of Hormel Foods deli products on a retailer’s website.

    “I also enjoyed attending the Kids’ Food Basket volunteer event, where I was able to help out on the farm in order to give children and families increased access to healthy foods.”

    Anna’s favorite brand is Justin’s® products. In fact, Justin’s® products led her to her current internship.

  • Claudia Bigalke, Foodservice sales intern at our Minneapolis (Minnesota) Sales Office

    Claudia is learning that in sales, you are not always selling — at least not directly. She’s been facilitating special events, from a Hormel Foods sponsorship for Canterbury Park to an ideation meeting with her team at Caribou Coffee headquarters.

    “My favorite project I worked on this week would be my first turkey-cutting experience. I was fortunate to have a great group of people guide me through and teach me techniques on how to successfully set up and sell an application.”

    Currently, her favorite product is Applegate® turkey.

  • Nicolas Zoccoli, accounting and finance intern, Corporate Office (Austin, Minnesota)

    Nicolas was able to spend the beginning of his internship becoming familiar with closing periods from a financial point of view and finalizing financial reports. By creating mock income and balance sheets, he is gaining hands-on experience and applying prior knowledge as well.

    “Being able to test my Excel knowledge was beneficial. I can see how it’s important in this role.”

    Nicolas loves Wholly® guacamole!

  • John (JJ) Szot, Retail sales intern, Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) Sales Office

    JJ has gained firsthand experience in his department this week.

    He learned about margins and shippers, and the various benefits that come with each. But his highlight this week was the food-forward event hosted by Weis, a food retailer in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

    “My favorite project I worked on this week was the Weis headquarters lunch event.” JJ and other members of the Retail sales team attended the event and were able to see various aspects of Retail sales.

  • David Hawa, Retail sales intern, Corporate Office (Austin, Minnesota)

    David has made many connections throughout his first days. He had the opportunity to travel to the Minneapolis (Sales) Office and the Jennie-O Corporate Office (Willmar, Minnesota).

    As a result of his work and his travel, David learned about some of the products at Hormel Foods and got to taste items he didn’t know about. What stood out to him the most, however, was the welcome he received at all the facilities he attended.

    “One thing I learned this week is that everyone is always ready to support you. If you have questions or need assistance, don’t be afraid to ask. Everyone here is dedicated to helping you get the best experience possible!”

    David’s favorite product so far is Hormel® Black Label® microwave-ready bacon.

  • Sydney Hefty, Retail sales intern, Cincinnati (Ohio) Sales Office

    Sydney has learned all about grocery store product placement and strategies Hormel Foods uses when putting our products on grocery store shelves. Sydney went on two grocery store walks with various members of the Cincinnati sales team, and she was able to compare and contrast the placement of Hormel Foods products with the placement of competitors’ products.

    “I focused on understanding more about how the products were placed compared to our competitors’, and what the conversations to change placement look like from our company’s side of the business.”

    After a store walk this week, Sydney tried Skippy® natural peanut butter spread with honey, and it is now her favorite Hormel Foods product.