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Massachusetts Question 3 Space Requirements for Animal Housing

Hormel Foods has assessed Question 3, and while we are still awaiting final clarity on specific details and rules, the company is preparing to fully comply when this law goes into effect. The company’s brand products already comply with Massachusetts Question 3.

Hormel Foods has confirmed that it faces no risk of material losses from compliance with Question 3. While it adds complexity to our supply chain, including costs associated with compliance, Massachusetts is an important market for Hormel Foods, and we will continue to meet the needs of our consumers and customers throughout these states.

As a global branded food company, we have a broad range of products that we currently sell in Massachusetts – from Skippy® peanut butter to Wholly® Guacamole. Question 3 impact the company’s fresh pork business. Hormel Foods is currently working with its supply chain to implement internal processes for segregation and SKU expansion. We are currently working through supply and logistics planning for affected products, and we expect a full range of compliant products to be available in our Retail and Foodservice segments. We will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure that our consumers in these states will be able to purchase the Hormel Foods products they depend upon.

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