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The Big Fork – The Power of Food Sculpture

Icon pays homage to food and its makers


A sculpture graces the front lawn of the global headquarters of Hormel Foods, leaving no question as to the mission of the Austin, Minn., company. Standing 25 feet tall and fashioned from nearly 20,000 forks, the piece serves as a tribute to the food that powers our world and the inspired people at Hormel Foods who make it.

The Big Fork – The Power of Food Sculpture is a larger than life installation designed and fabricated by Artist Gordon Huether.

The installation was brought to Austin in September 2022 and serves as the centerpiece of the company’s Inspired People Plaza, a place for team members and anyone who wants to celebrate the role food plays in our lives.

Thousands of forks that once belonged to Hormel Foods team members are the main component of the sculpture. Behind the everyday, ordinary utensils are untold stories of the common and not-so-common events and happenings that have served to bond families, unite communities and change the world.

More about The Sculpture

Behind The Power of Food
Larger-than-life sculpture pays tribute to world-class team
The Story Behind It
Forks Used in Sculpture
each representing a Hormel Foods team member
Designed & Fabricated
in Napa California, transferred to Minnesota with a semi truck
Feet Tall
The Big Fork
Name given by artist
Inches Wide
At its widest point
Inspired People Plaza
Location on the Hormel Foods World Headquarters

More About The Artist

20,000 Forks Become One
Coincidence or fate? Project unveils unique connection between artist and Hormel Foods
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