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A Natural Fit

Mary Burich | July 9, 2019

People | Pride of the Jersey

Kelsey Spencer feels fully immersed in the culture at Justin’s

Griff hasn’t yet embraced the culture of Justin’s, but the same can hardly be said of his human, Kelsey Spencer. The mixed-breed canine didn’t hold up his end of the bargain when Kelsey brought him to the office recently. On the other hand, after little more than a year, the assistant brand manager is fully immersed in the ways of the company she was “ecstatic” about joining.

Kelsey Spencer Pride of the Jersey Justin's

“Justin’s has been the sweetheart of the industry that everyone looks to for inspiration and thought leadership,” she said. “I had always heard the team is amazing and really passionate. I wanted to be a part of that.”

Not only is Kelsey part of Justin’s, she recently received the Pride of the Jersey award, proof that she lives the values and beliefs of the company on a daily basis.

“Kelsey has a can-do attitude and is never without a friendly smile or funny comment. She embodies many of our core brand tenets such as inclusivity, humor, fun and a focus on continued professional development, plus she delivers 100 percent on her goals and objectives, said Penny Andino, vice president of marketing for Justin’s.

Kelsey works on squeeze packs and assists with jars and confections. She spent a year planning the Justin’s booth for Expo West, a major natural-foods trade show that draws 3,000 vendors and 86,000 visitors. Kelsey received the jersey soon after.

“Kelsey managed the design and development of three booths, coordinated travel and staffing and positioned Justin’s to make a huge and positive impression on the thousands of retailers, media, investors and consumers who attended the show,” said Randy Simonson, president of Justin’s.

The people are the best part, the whole team is amazing.

Kelsey Spencer

A native of Boulder, Kelsey worked at another natural-foods company after her graduation from the business school of the University of Colorado at Boulder. She was well-aware of Justin’s reputation for delicious products and social responsibility, so when she spied a job posting, she jumped at the chance to join the team. She’s anything but disappointed.

“The people are the best part,” she said. “The whole team is amazing. We have products with certifications like non-GMO and organic, and we are always striving to make a difference in the food industry.”

Kelsey spends most of her time at work, but during her off hours, she and her boyfriend, Paul, hang out with Griff. Kelsey likes to cook and grow her own food; she’s currently nurturing her “first serious garden.” She also plays volleyball and coaches the sport at the high school she attended. And the whole work thing? It’s a dream come true.

“I care a lot about the brand. I’m really passionate, and I think it comes through in my work,” she said.