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Family Values

Mary Burich | May 25, 2017

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How one couple found SPAMtastic™ love

A Lifelong SPAM® Fan

Mark’s affection for the SPAM® brand is nearly as old as he is. From the time Mark was 2, his grandfather, Thomas Farrell, recounted stories of being served the meat when he was a soldier in World War II. The iconic brand was still in its early days, but proved its mettle quickly as a stable, reliable source of protein for troops. It was a fitting tie-in for Hormel Foods, given the role of founder George A. Hormel as a pioneer in veterans’ rights. Just a handful of years after establishing his enterprise, he made it possible for three of his employees to serve in the Spanish-American War, promising them full benefits and jobs upon their return.

After the war ended, Thomas came to America, where he discovered – and no doubt tried – many varieties of his beloved SPAM® family of products. He returned to England to live out his fate: working in a SPAM® factory in Liverpool.

Mark keeps the family tradition alive with his own daily SPAM® meal creations. (He has it on toast for breakfast each morning.) He never met a SPAM® recipe he didn’t like or prepare for Anne and their daughters, Evie and Milly. Mark even owns a SPAM® costume, which he dons for official SPAMbassador™ duties.

It’s About Love

As far as Savile is concerned, mission accomplished. “The mood was so happy. It’s such a sweet story. They have this love for each other and Mark has a relationship with the SPAM® brand that comes from his family.”

The family connection is not lost on Jaynee either. “SPAM® was started by a family and has huge family strength behind it,” she says. “I think that’s an important part of this story. It’s an extension of our global SPAM® family.”

Will the family grow, so to speak, through more weddings at the SPAM® Museum?

Jaynee and Savile insist not. But when Anne threw her bouquet, one of the museum gift-shop workers was the lucky recipient. “And she’s not married,” Savile laughs.

“The SPAM® brand is about love. Love for our troops, love for our families, love for our friends,” she adds.

A wedding, they both agree, is simply the icing on the SPAM® brand.