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Winging Supplies Across the Skies

Mary Burich | January 3, 2018

People | Inspired Fans

How Louis Olsen takes philanthropy to new heights

Combining two loves is always a thrill. Using them to help those in need can put you on cloud nine. Or even above it, as the case may be.

That’s exactly what Minnesota native Louis Olsen did recently when he loaded his plane with the likes of work gloves, diapers and mosquito repellant – as well as 384 cans of SPAM® products – to aid victims and first responders of Hurricane Harvey.

Louis doesn’t have a connection to Texas, where the Category 4 storm did its worst damage in late summer 2017, but he’s neither a stranger to using his hobby to lend a hand nor to SPAM® products. Indeed, he’s been a licensed pilot for 16 years and routinely donates his aircraft, fuel and time to organizations such as Angel Flight, which helps seriously ill kids get to summer camps, and children and adults travel to out-of-town hospitals for burn treatment, chemotherapy and other critical procedures. When Hurricane Harvey hit, Louis wondered what he could do to help there also. That’s when he got involved with AERObridge.