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Grateful is an Understatement

Gabrielle Hensrud | May 5, 2017

People | Pride of the Jersey

Cassie Moore gives back

It’s not every day you see your colleagues barefoot, gracefully gliding atop SPAM® brand skateboards at Hormel Foods. However, this activity was perfectly acceptable for Cassie Moore, as she had just been awarded the first Pride of the Jersey recipient at the Bentonville (Ark.) sales office. P.J. Connor, senior vice president of sales, along with Tony Hoffman and Randy Simonson, who collectively head up the Walmart and Sam’s Club sales team, jointly made the decision to recognize Cassie.

Cassie is no stranger to Hormel Foods. In fact, she just celebrated 15 years with the company in April. She has held several roles in the consumer product sales (CPS) division, and is currently a customer business manager for CPS where she handles part of the grocery portfolio for Walmart Supercenters, focusing primarily on SPAM® brand and SKIPPY® peanut butter product lines. This, she says, is the most rewarding part of her job.

“I am fortunate that Hormel Foods trusts me to handle two growth leaders in the grocery products division at Walmart: SPAM® brand and SKIPPY® peanut butter. When our business with Walmart grows, Hormel Foods typically grows as well,” she says.

Cassie Moore

Connor presented her with the jersey last month: “Cassie epitomizes the values and cultural beliefs of the organization and brings inspiration, persistence and a winning attitude to work each and every day-,” he said. “-She consistently delivers business results, asks-“’what else can I do’”- and is often helping others both in and outside the office solve issues and challenges they might be facing.”

Cassie is originally from Tennessee, but started her Hormel Foods career in Dallas as a sales representative in Grocery Products. Staying with the company, she moved throughout Texas, to upstate New York in Albany, and even Detroit. She now resides in Bentonville, Ark., with her husband of 10 years, Matt, and two kids, Presley, 5, and Clayton, 2.