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Joel Mahary | October 26, 2022


Celebrate Halloween with this fun, devil-licious update on classic charcuterie!

“Charcuterie,” if you haven’t heard, is the hallowed craft of presenting all kinds of yummy preserved and fresh ingredients on one big, boo-tiful board. It’s an old art form made new, one that today is scary popular among foodies and everybody who likes to eat. And for good reason! Who can resist the scrumptious assortment of cured meats, dried fruits, preserves and jams, artisan cheeses, olives and fermented goodies that go onto a classic charcuterie board.

“Char-spook-erie” is here to help the whole family eat, drink and be scary.

Charcuterie embraces spine-tingling, mouthwatering flavors, surprising textures and unlimited creativity. But what it’s really about is bringing your favorite zombies and ghouls together to enjoy each other’s company as you make new memories. Bite by bite by bite.

Make the most of cold cuts, fruits, jams, cheese, and whatever else you can scare up.

Celebrate Halloween with this fun, devil-licious update on the trendy classic snackboard. Impress your family, friends and guests with this amazing array of snacks on this “Char-SPOOK-erie” board, featuring some of our favorite brands!

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One of the best things about “Char-Spook-erie”? You can put together a killer board with a minimum of hocus pocus. Sure, we’re providing a sample list of great ingredients, which you can see below, but don’t abandon all hope if ye are on a limited budget, or if you’re putting things together last minute.

Our kitchen cryptmasters, unsurprisingly, opted for featuring a skeleton (giving a new meaning to “putting a little meat on the bones”), but don’t forget, your own spooky board is limited only by your own ghastly imagination.

Classic charcuterie blends cured meats, cheese, fruits and veggies, and breads and crackers along with just the right spreads, like mustards, jams and honey. As you’re putting your shopping cauldron together, keep your eye on variety and fresh, even shocking flavor combinations.

Worried about how much charcuterie to present? As a general rule of thumb, for each guest, charcuterie experts recommend about an ounce of cheese, and ounce of meat, 2-3 ounces of fruit, 2-3 ounces of vegetables, and one ounce of crackers or bread. While some guests may enjoy more and others less, this formula makes things pretty easy.

Supernatural noshing is all the rage this Halloween!

If you’re looking to go full “Char-Spook-Erie” this Halloween, you’ll need as your guest of honor a skeleton, as shown. And for the yummy food portion of your presentation, the team at Hormel Foods recommends:

  • HORMEL GATHERINGS® Honey Ham & Turkey Tray
  • COLUMBUS® Craft Meats Italian Dry
  • WHOLLY® Guacamole
  • JUSTIN’S® Dark Chocolate Peanut butter cups
  • SKIPPY® Peanut Butter
  • CHI-CHI’S® Chips
  • LA VICTORIA® Salsa
  • HERDEZ® Queso
  • APPLEGATE® Prosciutto
  • NATURAL CHOICE® Sandwich Pepperoni
  • PLANTERS® Deluxe Mixed Nuts
Additional ingredients

Celery/Apples (for peanut butter), Crackers- (sourdough crackers, Water Crackers, Gatherings® Crackers), Olives, Cornichons, Pinot Noir Cheese, Halloween Candy, Candy Corn, Grapes, black berries, Blueberry Goat Cheese Log etc.)