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Holiday Season Magic in Charcuterie

December 8, 2022


These charcuterie boards featuring COLUMBUS® Craft Meats will impress with taste and presentation alike.

The winter holiday season brings with it countless opportunities to gather with friends and family to celebrate over food, so we’re dishing up some creative inspiration to liven up the festivities.

Jolly food and decorations always help set a cheerful tone, so why not aim to take care of both in one charcuterie offering?

Try your hand at making holiday charcuterie boards featuring beloved holiday movies and pastimes like one of these three creations featuring COLUMBUS® Craft Meats salumi. Wow your guests with an array of irresistible flavor combinations that spark conversation and laughs too.

Our Tips Try it at Home

A Christmas Tale and an Unparalleled Lamp

This nostalgic nod to a beloved holiday movie really celebrates what the holiday season is all about—sharing. Want to build your own Major Award charcuterie board? Start with an array of COLUMBUS® Craft Meats: ribbons of Prosciutto, Italian Dry, Sopressata, Calabrese and Chorizo Salami, and Prosciutto Paninos to fill in and provide additional flavor. Add two or three choices of cheese—we used an aged cheddar and Grana Padano—plus sweet and tangy pepper drops and Castelvetrano olives to add bright holiday hues and delicious tastes. Candied orange slices and cranberries really get things into the holiday spirit and lend the additional wow factor. We triple dog dare you to add Ralphie’s glasses, the Old Man’s blue bowling ball, cookies decorated just like the infamous leg lamp, and fortune cookies from the Chinese restaurant visited on Christmas Day. Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuudge!

Everyone’s Favorite Elf

Make a party out of this all-time favorite holiday flick and gather for some cheer celebrating this oversized, lovable elf. COLUMBUS® Craft Meats create his Italian Dry Salami hair and belt. Folded Prosciutto elf shoes, Paninos and more of everything surround his silhouette. Sage Derby cheese, olives, cornichons, grapes, pears and caper berries create his vibrant green jacket. Yellow tomatoes, Mimolette, aged cheddar and almond crackers line up to mimic his tights. A brie collar and mozzarella pearl cuffs complete his iconic fit. Surround him with snowballs, paper chains, snowflakes and a jack in the box to further set the stage. Don’t forget his favorite breakfast foods, such as spaghetti with chocolate candies, sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate syrup and maple syrup to top it all off!

No Shelf to be Found

What merry mischief happened here? This scrumptious charcuterie chalet features a COLUMBUS® Italian Dry Salami-shingled roof, pretzel windows, rosemary swags, an adorable fresh mozzarella ball snowman and a flurry of grated parmesan snow. It’s the perfect choice when you’ve had enough of moving that elf around the house day after day. Win your kids’ hearts over with this delightful charcuterie creation or bring this to a holiday party for a centerpiece that’s sure to give all the elf-exhausted partygoers a good laugh.