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Making His Way

Mary Burich | November 10, 2022

People | Pride of the Jersey

Different is better for Tyler Rick.

“Embracing our Cultural Beliefs and delivering exceptional results in a positive fashion.”

The card bearing that affirmation stays close to Tyler Rick. It’s evidence that he made a sound decision upon finishing his college degree. It also explains why he just received the Pride of the Jersey honor at the Justin’s (Boulder, Colo.) annual managers meeting.

“Tyler is the answer man,” says Randy Simonson, president of Justin’s. “He’s a mentor, teacher, friend, confidant.” Per Randy, Tyler has already optimized freight, trade, expenses, and profit-and-loss processes. And because of his base at the Hormel Foods Global Headquarters (Austin, Minn.), he is able to serve often as a liaison of sorts between the Corporate Office and satellite locations.

“He’s a go-to for me and everyone else on the team,” Randy says.

Tyler is the answer man. He’s a mentor, teacher, friend, confidant.

Randy Simonson, President of Justin’s

Tyler joined Hormel Foods upon finishing his accounting degree at Minnesota State University Mankato. Many of the graduates were being recruited by public accounting firms. “I wanted something different,” he says.

What he landed on has given him seven career opportunities in as many years, including a brand-new promotion. He currently works for Justin’s and MegaMex Foods (Orange, Calif.). His upcoming role as manager of business-unit accounting will have him supporting additional teams across Hormel Foods.

It honestly doesn’t feel like a job to me sometimes.

Tyler Rick

Tyler was born and raised in Minnesota, where he currently lives with his wife, Tara, and 3-year-old son. Tara is in the health care field, which makes southern Minnesota – and its excellence in medical services – ideal for her. In addition to his work with Hormel Foods, Tyler is a self-proclaimed “big outdoors guy,” another reason the family is comfortable in the Midwest. For starters, he loves to fish, and he is the owner of a motocross and a street bike. Motorcycling is one of his favorite hobbies. And if that weren’t enough, family is just two hours away.

Without a doubt, one smart decision at the end of college has paved the way to a life that is rich and full.

“It honestly doesn’t feel like a job to me sometimes,” he says.