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10 Items to Help You Stay Healthy in the New Year


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Here’s how you can stick to your resolution to stay fit in 2018

You’ve probably joked with friends or family before about how difficult New Year’s resolutions are to keep. You might want to get in shape, or just try to pick up some healthier eating habits in 2018. That’s completely reasonable, but work, relationships, and the general demands of life often get in the way. Maybe it shouldn’t be so hard to keep up with our resolutions, but alas, it is. Thankfully, there are a few simple things that can make the process simpler, and less time consuming and stressful for you …

Eating nuts is an easy to get more protein into your diet. If you don’t like eating them by the handful, spreading a dollop of nut butter on a piece of toast for breakfast or for a quick snack before lunch will do the trick. I like Justin’s Almond Butter myself.