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A Complete Ranking of the Best Store-Bought Salsas



La Victoria® & Herdez® brand salsas top the recommendations from SheKnows

La Victoria Suprema’s main claim to fame is that it’s onion-free, perfect for those with allergies or aversions who still want to get their salsa on. Better yet, its fresh flavor means it will complement a variety of dishes. Even the medium heat might be a bit on the mild side for those who prefer a little spice, but it’s just right for anyone who’s sensitive to spice or as a way to use the bright, sunny tomato flavor to counteract over-spiced taco meat…

Salsa verde, which literally means “green sauce,” is made with tomatillos instead of tomatoes. While tomatillo means “small tomato,” they aren’t tomatoes at all. They taste a bit like a tomato and a lemon had a baby, meaning they’re not as sweet as a tomato and more acidic. This salsa verde from Herdez is a staple in many parts of the Southwest and in Mexico because of its pleasant flavor, overall balance and unobtrusive heat. It’s not uncommon for verdes to be thinner than rojas (“reds,” aka tomato-based salsas), so if you’re serving it at a party, make sure each guest has their own ramekin to control spillage. It also makes a delish chicken enchilada or tamale sauce in a pinch.