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Why Ashley Graham’s Post-Workout Snack Is a Great Way to Refuel


Self Magazine

Ashley Graham is known for her impressive workout hustle, so it’s no wonder she’s a pro at refueling too.

She posted an Instagram story of her go-to post-workout snack, and it’s an oldie but a goodie: apple slices and almond butter.

Apples and nut butter aren’t just a delicious combo—they’re also a great example of what good post-workout nutrition looks like. And fueling your workouts (like Graham’s undoubtedly tough session at celeb fitness hot spot Dogpound in NYC) really is important. Getting a balance of protein and carbohydrates will help you see strength results from your fitness routine and keep your energy up during future workouts…

In the protein department, Graham’s snack might fall just a little bit short, notes Minno. A packet of Justin’s almond butter delivers 7 grams of protein. From the looks of it, Graham’s workout included strength training, which usually calls for more protein. However, we don’t know if she had a separate protein source on hand, what her overall protein intake is like in a day, or when her next meal was. According to Rumsey, if you’re sitting down to a meal within a few hours, the main goal is to make sure you’re just getting in some protein and carbs—not to focus so much on the exact grams.