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The Best Dorm Gift Ideas



Do I have ideas?! Oh, yes. In no particular order:
  • Dorm Décor Evolved: If she’s been complaining about the concrete walls or her roommate’s ragged looking posters, consider treating her to a wall tapestry from AllPosters. They’ll also serve double duty at disguising dinged walls or cracks in the paint.
  • Clean Up Her Act: That messy roommate won’t know what hit her personal dustbowl! The Dyson V6 Cord-free is pretty unassuming looking and weighs only 4.5lbs. It also stores on a docking station so it won’t clutter up their shared small space. I recently tested out the similar model V8 and noticed most how quiet it was, the fact that it had tons of suction and seemed to hold a charge longer than my old hand-held vac.
  • Netflix & (virtual) Chill: You can set up a monthly date night with your niece even while she’s away by helping her stream her favorite programs. A Roku Streaming Stick will easily connect to her laptop and stow safely out of sight. She can also use the Hotel & Dorm Connect for a quick easy connection. Set up a new Netflix account for the two of you with movies you both love and series you’d love to binge together and voila- family bonding on the go. Feeling incredibly generous? The Sharp/ Orville Redenbacher Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven comes with an Orville Redenbacher’s certified popcorn preset button (no, really) so she can not only nuke dinner while studying, she can also easily make popcorn to accompany your sort of shared night in.
  • Something She Really Needs: Or everything she really needs. GoPuff, is an on-demand delivery start-up serving college campuses and bringing everything from batteries to toilet paper. So far it’s only available in 20 markets across the U.S., but growing all the time. (You might not want to tell her parents that Red Bull and Trojan condoms are in their top three most popular items, though).
  • Pack it Up: On the other hand, since it’s way too easy to pack on the proverbial Freshman 15, Justin’s – makers of everyone’s favorite your favorite nut butter products, now makes Snack Packs and handy Squeeze Packs for an in-between class sidekick snack. (Or you could just keep these for yourself. I won’t tell) …