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The World’s Top 100 Food & Beverage Companies


Food Engineering Magazine

The food industry is currently undergoing the same seismic change as the global music and media industries, with consumers in this sector checking food prices, nutritional content and increasingly purchasing food online. Health and wellness are still key, and manufacturers are optimizing costs with investments in robotics, but how are the major companies achieving growth?

The importance of catering to ethnic preferences is behind the success of some companies gaining a new position in the rankings. For instance, Hormel Foods has risen five places from No. 41 to 36.

“Our ability to renovate our franchise brands and innovate into new spaces has certainly played a role in Hormel Foods’ growth,” says Scott Aakre, Hormel Foods vice president of corporate innovation and new product development. “We continue to put the consumer first as we look for food solutions that reimagine convenience, give consideration to personalized nutrition and offer flavors that combine ethnic cultures with the consumer demand for food adventure. We believe delivering foods that fit today’s consumer agenda will continue to drive our future growth.”