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Meat Snacks Enter the Fridge and Freezer


Food Business News

CHICAGO — Few snack categories have experienced as much change during the past decade as snacks made from meat. Not too long ago, when a consumer heard the term meat snack, highly processed meat sticks or jerky sitting by the register at a convenience store likely came to mind. Today, meat snacks can be found in the fridge, freezer and ambient aisle. Some retailers have dedicated highly desirable end-cap displays to the growing number of shelf-stable products rolling out into the marketplace. Sports stores carry them, as they have become the go-to snack for backpackers. You will also find them at airport kiosks, coffee shops and even vending machines. And many of them are touting the fact that they are clean-label snacks for the protein-seeking consumer.It’s worth noting how meat snacks have become all the rage at the same time as plant-based foods. It’s been made possible through careful ingredient selection and artisan craftmanship, with category growth fueled by the growing number of consumers who prefer to snack multiple times a day rather than eat three square meals.