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The Best Halloween Candy According to Our Staff


The Washington Post

We might look like grown-ups, or some approximation thereof. We might even “adult” on a regular basis, comparing car-insurance rates, getting in our daily steps and chuckling at dad jokes. Some of us even raise other, smaller humans pretty well.But wave a bag of orange-and-black bagged Halloween candy in front of our noses, and we’ll regress to our childhood selves faster than you can scream “trick or treat!” There’s something primal about the bond formed with those prized bits of sugar back when the prospect of Halloween candy brought on the sensation of pure bliss instead of anxiety (did we remember to grab a bag at the grocery store? And how many steps equal a mini candy bar?).Here are our staff’s favorite candies, beloved even though we’re more likely these days to be buying them in bulk or filching from our kids’ stash (don’t tell!) than collecting in a plastic jack-o-lantern of our own.